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Hey everyone, just wanted to stop in real quick because I’ve joined a community of bloggers called Bloglovin’ and you can find so much there and so many new people to follow! It’s like eye candy to a crafter! I can sit and browse for quite some time there. It helps me get ideas on what I want to make next too. If you are a crafter, you will love it too I’m sure. Go check it out and let me know what you think. You can leave me a comment below. Don’t be shy. If you are already a part of Bloglovin’ yourself, comment and let me know so I can look you up.

Start your own blog

Want to start your own craft blog? I tell you how to get started HERE. There will be more helpful posts about blogging soon too! I’ve researched so much over the years that I’m sure I have something I can teach you! Just make sure you read the first post I wrote about starting a blog. You’ll get your feet wet blogging in no time.  

Bloggers stick together and help each other along their blogging journey. 

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Painted Rocks | How I made art with rocks

Harry Potter Dobby painted rocks

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The Sorcerer’s Stone…well, stones anyway

“Of course! There are other things defending the Stone, aren’t there? Spells, enchantments,” ~Hermione 

This is my painted rocks that I painted up in the summer of 2017. The town I live in became a part of this amazing rock painting frenzy. Apparently, it’s a big thing in many cities and I believe this started in Australia.  

What you do is paint a rock and hide it somewhere in your town for someone to find. If you find the rock, you can keep it or re-hide it.  My town has a Facebook group for this and as of today, it has a total of 8,248 members! If you want to check the group out, the Facebook group is called Granite Rocks (Illinois) 

Anyone that wants to play along comes to the group.  Anyone could paint and hide the rocks and anyone could go looking for them as well. Some even posted hints on where you can find theirs. 

Oh What Fun

It was totally fun to do and I got my husband and youngest daughter involved. Trying to be as sneaky as we could, we’d usually go super late at night to hide them. We had seen too many people out during the day at Wilson Park and could definitely tell they were searching for painted rocks. 

This was a huge success and parents and children were super involved. Yes children through adults really got into this and many of us thought it would die down after summer but the group is still going strong. We are just spreading cheer.  Makes people smile. It also gets people out and walking around which is a big plus!

You do not have to be an artist to do this! There are so many options out there and lots of inspiration if you just Google it. Maybe YOU could start this in your town if it hasn’t caught on to yours by now. 

I bought the rocks locally through a rock company that sells all sorts of landscaping. The smoother the rock, the easier it is to paint them. I use DecoArt Americana acrylic paints and when completely dry, you then want to use a clear coat sealer. You can purchase these paints below to get started painting your own rocks. I paint a lot so I use the brush-on sealer found in the craft paint section at Michaels. Walmart also carries it in the craft aisle. I’m sure you can also use the spray kind. One thing to watch out for though, using fine tip micro pens or sharpies, they could possibly smear. 

These are some photos of the painted rocks I did this past summer. If you read other parts of my blog, you should know by now that I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. You can click on the image to make them bigger so you can take a better look if you like. You can also check out my other Harry Potter inspired art HERE and HERE.



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What am I working on? | Shhhhh it’s a secret

secret spring project

Making pretties for my twin granddaughters

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What am I working on? I’m getting started on a project…well 2 to be exact because they are for my twin granddaughters. I was going to choose my own colors but since I was at Hobby Lobby with my daughter (the twin’s mommy) before Christmas, I decided I would let her choose the colors. I didn’t tell her what they were for, I just mentioned it was something for Spring.

Here is what I bought. Baby Bee Sweet delight yarn in the colors Cobalt and Wild Strawberry. My daughter likes jewel tones. I also had to buy some new needles as I didn’t have the tiny sizes (US 3, 4 and 5). They are Susan Bates circulars. I’ve never worked with this yarn before but it feels nice.

secret spring project

My daughter doesn’t necessarily dress them the exact same all the time, even though they are identical. But she does dress them somewhat alike in that it might be the same outfit but different colors or opposites. So I’m making them the same thing, just using a different color for each of them.

So I’m getting these started and when I get to a certain point, I’ll share more photos and the links to where I got the pattern. I don’t think my daughter will come here and read my blog but I’m not taking any chances. πŸ™‚ The only thing I will say is it sorta has to do something with flowers and I choose this pattern because of my granddaughter’s names too which is Flora and Rosalie.




Will post again soon with an update.

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Easy Bunny Sewing Project

country bunny

Is it Spring Yet?

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Hello everyone! I hope you find this easy bunny sewing project as just the right craft to brighten your cold winter day.

I designed this years ago and the one I made I gave to someone so I may just have to make a 2nd one for myself!

country bunny pattern





























This would make a cute addition to your Spring decor but could also make aΒ fairly quick item to make up for a craft show if you do those. Or, perhaps you have an online Etsy shop.

You can find this pattern in my digital shop for only $2.99!

Β  Β  Β Β  Β  Β Β  Β  Β 


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HOW TO START A CRAFT BLOG | The first few steps

how to start a craft blog

how to start a craft blog

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Handmade by Meemo is a participant in the Bluehost affiliate program. If you purchase through my links I have provided, I will earn a commission. I have been with Bluehost for a year now and have had no problems so it’s a company that I trust. Thank you for helping to support my blog, Handmade By Meemo.

This post should help you learn how to start a craft blog and the first few steps you should be carrying out.

Dear Fellow Crafter,

First of all, if you are a die-hard crafter, (meaning you eat, sleep, breath crafts)  you should really consider getting started on a craft blog of your own. I’m sure you’ve been to several craft sites and blogs where you get information on how to make this and that, finding patterns to use and so on. You are obviously aware that there are thousands of crafters around the world with beautiful sites and blogs. Don’t you wish you had a way to post and journal the things you make as well? I’m here to tell you that you most certainly can do that for yourself.

Wouldn’t you love to make blogging friends with similar craft interest as you? That’s one of the reasons I started this one! Wouldn’t you love to share your knowledge and information on craft topic(s) that your good at with the rest of the crafting industry? Just another reason why I started mine. Then don’t wait any longer and just begin. Let’s face it, life is too short and none of us are getting any younger. πŸ˜‰ Seriously though, It’s January 2018, my 48th birthday is this month and I only wished I would have started this several years ago.

So Let’s Begin

You honestly do not need to have some special college degree…I promise. The whole How to start a craft blog is quite simple. You’ll be blogging in no time.

1. You need a domain name and hosting

2. You need to get WordPress installed

3. Have fun customizing the look of your site


I have used the products listed below and I do recommend them as they are business’ I use and trust. Some of the links are my affiliate companies and I may earn a small commission if you use the links below. So if you support me here at Handmade by Meemo, I would greatly appreciate that. 

Choosing your domain name | Hosting company

So when choosing a domain name, it could be lots of fun but it could also be a daunting task. LOL Here is what I mean, If you are planning on growing this as say a business or at some point will, you want a name that stands the test of time for you. It’s going to be different for everyone but for me, I decided on the first word HANDMADE because everything I make is, of course, handmade. Since I do so many different mediums, I couldn’t just have a word in there that just meant one type of craft. Next, I got a little creative and decided that now that I’m a grandmother (young grandmother) they call me Meemo. It is just a word we called my grandmother, and then my mom became a Meemo and well now it’s my turn. So Handmade by Meemo was born!

Start thinking about what your brand looks like too! How do you envision your site, colors and all that jazz? Stay consistent.



Click here and head on over to Bluehost to

make sure your domain name is available. Type in the name you are wanting. (Good to have a short list of ideas in case the one you first have chosen is taken already)

Bluehost is the hosting service you need in order for your files (photos, writings, graphics, etc.) to show up to the public. It’s like you are “renting” space on the internet. WIth me so far? Their customer service is awesome!

After you have your domain name selected, you will then pick your plan. Now since you are just starting out, the Basic plan should be good for starters. You can, of course, compare the different plans.

You save money if you buy you a whole year up front and if you are turning this site into a business, it’s worth it and it is a business expense. Everyone that owns a business has expenses. Its a part of running a business right?

Once you have picked your plan, you should now be in this area below.

There is more package information but you do not need to add extras right now. Totally up to you though! Then you will check out and see this.


Now create a new password

Now it’s time to log in and check things out! Get familiar with everything. This is the moment you will now install your WordPress!! The best part is, Bluehost does it automatically for you for FREE. How about that?

Installing WordPress

WordPress is what you are reading this on right now. It is the blogging platform that you will use for your own posts and it’s the best out there! So Log In using your username and password and pick a theme out.  If you pick one and don’t end up liking it, you can choose a different one and so on. There are tons of FREE themes out there and it’s perfectly fine to go this route until you get the hang of things and start growing your own site. Hey, did I forget to mention you can actually make money by being a blogger? NO? Oh, well now you know. I’ll touch base on this in a later post.


Now login to WordPress and click the start building button!

Now you will see your WordPress Dashboard. Take your time with all this. I know it might seem daunting at first if you are super new to all this, but you will understand it soon. You just need to click and see what each thing is. So just get familiar with it.

Whenever you feel ready, you can launch your site. No one says you need to do this all in one day. You will want to get some posts written in drafts. You will need to upload your images to the media section. I will try my best to make another post about a little bit more of the inside parts of WordPress soon. Make sure to give it a Site Title and description.


 This isn’t a build it and they will come type of deal. Once you are ready for some friends and the public to see it in all it’s glory, you can start linking your site URL to your social media platforms your on. I will also try and write up a post about this as well. Give you some tips and all.

In order to log into your WordPress later on, just type into your web browser, (

3. Congratulations on starting your very own crafting blog! Now it’s time to customize your little home on the web. You may just like this part, with you being a crafter and all. πŸ™‚ It’s fine and dandy to use a free theme while getting started but soon you’ll want to really put your mark on it and get a more custom theme to match your personal branding. Those, of course, are not free and come in a variety of price ranges. So totally up to you what you want to spend later on. As of today, (1/19/18) I’m using a free theme but have my eye on something that I will purchase soon.

A more custom theme will make your site look much more professional and this will help if you want to monetize your blog later on.

Thanks and I hope I helped some. I will post a few more how to posts very soon!

Ready to get started, Just click the banner below!

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